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BLUbeard’s Pirate Radio #5 featuring Arnold Farr’s full interview of Barefoot KY Radio with Resident Smart Guy

August 5, 2017
BLUbeard's Priate Radio
#5  (sorry to skip the 4th, it could not be uploaded)
Barefoot KY Radio Podcast #30
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1. Arold Farr / Thick / Lexington, KY
2. Arnold Farr / We're not dead till we're dead / Lexington, KY

BLUbeard interviews Arnold Farr and Resident Smart Guy

3. Marcus L. Wilkerson / lonesome / Lexington, KY
4. Nick Penn /  Cigarettes for the homeless / Lexington, KY
5. Jordan Allen and the Bellwethers / Under cover of the night / London, KY
6. Boy named Banjo / Good feel / Nashville, Tenn
7. Captain Ivory / 6 minutes till midnight /Nasville, TN
8. Rust'N' bones / Train / Loisville, KY
9. RC and the night shades / Lexington, KY
10.  David Hatton with Taylor Halsey / Hazel green, KY and Winchester, KY

 all songs used by permission of the original artists.

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