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September 3, 2018

Barefoot KY Radio

September 02, 2018
Podcast 76
Broadcast #57 for Lexington Community Radio

Hosted by Carolyn Burnette

If you have original music, and its of good recording quality, and would like to submit it for consideration to be heard on our podcast, then for more information go to and look under the radio tab.  More information coming soon.

 An all music show - with pre-recorded voice talent of previous guests!  Enjoy!

WLXU:  Barry Prater - Live Green Lexington
BFKYRadio:  Aisley Stuebs singer/songwriter, Lexington
Carolyn Burnette

1. Adam Murray / Road King / Delaware and KY
2. Danny Dean / Move It / Move It / Ohio and KY
3. Avery Crabtree / Country Girl / Lexington, KY
4. Taylor Austin Dye / One Thing from her Believe in the Sun CD /Lexington, KY
5. Shefton Kash / She used to say that to me / Hank's Whiskey, Campton, KY

WLXU:  Joseph Brenzel - Live Green Lexington
BFKYRadio:  The Other Years / singer/songwriters/duet - Louisville, KY

LexJam announcement: 
Music1: Aisley Stuebs
Music2: DaNae Winters
Voice1: DJ D
Voice2: Carolb
LexJam is the longest running talent showcase in Central Kentucky always held at a family friendly venue with good food, held on the 2nd Saturday of the month.  See for more info.

6. David Hatton  /Hell on Wheels / KY
7. Mauro Clerci from Italy and friends from a collaboration / Bordertown
8. Johnny Cooke, Ireland with David Stuart, USA from a collaboration / She

BFKYRadio spot with BLUbeard and Carolb
Music1: Renny Newbecker
Music2: River Green

WLXU/BarefootKYRadio: Chuckie Campbell

Voice: Carolb
Sunrise to Sunset Festival coming up September 28th and 29th at Al's Bar in Lexington, KY.  it is family friendly during the day and over 21 at night.  Enjoy lots of festivities and booths and live music!  Mark your calendars to come and support your local artists and community!  Let's live locally and support one another!
Thank you 1Guitar4Jo for allowing the use of your music in the background, Acoustic Summer

9. 1Guitar4Jo, Jonathan Sautter, Reutlingen Germany / Acoustic Summer
10. Marsha Lee / Guitars and Leaving / Fading / Lexington, KY
11. David Daniels / Every Little Sunday /
12. Collide / Cody Morgan and Wesley Saylor  / Jupiter / Previously on BarefootKYRadio

Voice: Carolb
Living Green Tip: Recyclying batteries
Lowes, Batteries Plus, for more info

13. A Mild Inconvenience / Burn the Night / Lexington, KY
14. Eric Bolander / Do It Right / Lexington, KY

Ending ditty: The wonderful Michael Tyre on guitar and a room full of happy people that includes Mary Clark, Bandit Sun, #ResidentSmartGuy, BLUbeard, Carolb and Matt Florez.

All songs played by permission of the original artists.
All voice talent recorded at their own free will and okay'd for BarefootKYRadio shows.

This show aired on Lexington Community Radio

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