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September 3, 2018

Barefoot KY Radio

August 19, 2018
Podcast #74
Broadcast #54 for Lexington Community Radio

Hosted by Carolyn Burnette

If you have original music, and its of good recording quality, and would like to submit it for consideration to be heard on our podcast, then for more information go to and look under the radio tab.  More information coming soon.

 With special guests Chuckie Campbell and The Black Den

1.Wesley Saylor / Shadows / Shadows / Lexington, KY
2.Sam Lewis / A Southern Greek Tragedy / The Cross I Bear / Nashville, KY
3.St. Jerrord Figgs, may he rest in peace and his family be blessed / w Sunny Cheeba / Velvet Top Coat / Lexington, KY - we all lost a beautiful soul and musical giant in Lexington <3

Interview but mostly music with Chuckie Campbell and The Black Den on tour and made a quick stop to play live for us so we could pre-record the show for you!  Great music and talent! Great message and heart from everyone!  Hip Hop is alive and well and with this band, there's a whole lot more!  Enjoy! <3

4.  Chuckie Campbell and The Black Den / Dream is but a Dream
5.  Chuckie Campbell and The Black Den / Love Leaves a Witness
6.  Chuckie Campbell and the Black Den / Smoke
7.  Chuckie Campbell and the Black Den / Synesthesia

Short talk with Chuck Campbell before they had to skoot on to their show.  Hope to have them back some day for a real talk BarefootKYRadio style!  :D

8.Devine Carma featuring Jocelyn / Good News / Lexington, KY
9.Focust1 feat Caleb / My Life / Lexington, Mt. Sterling, Somerset, KY
10.Lizzy Taylor / Reminds Me of You / England
11.Jennifer Hall / In This / Wash Away / Chicago 

All songs played by permission of the original artists.

This show aired on Lexington Community Radio

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