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Barefoot KY Radio 14/05/2017 - Podcast 16

May 15, 2017

Barefoot KY Radio
16th Podcast May 14, 2017

If you have original music and its of good recording quality and would like to submit it for our podcast then for more information look under the "radio" tab at

(Picture above of The Jenkins Twins at Sound of Lexington studio - May 2017

Carolyn Burnette

1.  The Jenkins Twins "Since You Went Away" from their "Alive and Well" CD - Irvine, KY

2.  Warren Byrom & The Fabled Canelands "Song for Joyce" from "Fabled Canelands" CD - Lexington, KY

3.  David Hatton "Bottoms Up" - Lexington, KY

4.   The Footsteps "Down on the Ground" from "The Footsteps" CD - Lexington, KY

5.  The Past "Waves" - out of Lexington, KY

6.  Abraham Mwinda "Revolution" from his "Dream" CD feat Jessica McKenney

7.   River Greene "Head Up"  - Winchester, KY

8.   Focust 1 "Understand Me" Feat Tota Stranger - Somerset and Mt. Sterling, KY

9.   Captain Ivory "Paper Towns"

10.   Bryant Carter "Face of a Thousand Words" - Winchester, KY

11.  Atrocity Machine "Goodbye Letter"  - Mt. Sterling, KY

12.  Thiago Rabuske da Silva and his band Dust Comandos "Heavyweight Dinosaurs" = Brazil

13.  Fat Box "Curtis" = Bowling Green

14.  Rust n Bones "Train"  "The Dead Bird Sessions"   -  Louisille, KY

15.  Avery Crabtree   "Black Horses"  Lexington, KY

16.  Jennifer Hall    'Wash Away"  from her CD "In This" - Chicago, IL

For more information on these artists go to

All songs used by permission of the original artists.

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