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Barefoot KY Radio 03-12-17 featuring Taylor C. Hughes

March 12, 2017

Barefoot KY Radio
7th Podcast March 12, 2017
Our Close Friend Chris was here to join us but took a snooze.   We've added a few new names to the lineup! 
If you have original music and its of good recording quality then for more information go to

Carolyn Burnette

1.  Taylor C. Hughes with her song "Use a Gun" our current Artist of the Week at Sound of Lexington

2.  The Jenkins Twins "Record Song" off their 2016 album.

3.  A Boy Named Banjo out of Tennessee with their song "Good Feel"

4.  Mark Greenwell a live recording of his song "I'm from Kentucky"

5.  David L. Graham and Deena Shoskes "The Best Kind of Something"

6.  RC and the Night Shades  "Honey Bee Blues"

7.  Capain Ivory off their "No Vancy" album, the song is called 'Paper Towns"

8.  Bryant C. Projeect "The World's Gone Away"

9.  River Greene  "From Me To You"

10.  Jennifer Hall, "Please Leave"

11.  The LoneTones "Bathed in Blue" from their Dumming it all down" cd

12.  Taylor C. Hughes "Sweet Tea"

All songs used by permission of the original artists.