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Barefoot KY Radio on WLXU 93.9 LP FM Lexington Community Radio - Aisley Stuebs, Cody Morgan and Wesley Saylor - Part II 061018

June 13, 2018

Barefoot KY Radio
June 10, 2018 for Part I listen to June 03, 2018
Podcast #65
Broadcast #46 for Lexington Community Radio

Hosted by Carolyn Burnette

If you have original music, and its of good recording quality, and would like to submit it for consideration to be heard on our podcast, then for more information go to and look under the radio tab.  More information coming soon.

Our special guests in house today are Aisley Steubs and the duo Collide with Wesley Saylor and Cody Morgan along with BLUbeard, Actor Billy Crank and Carolb hosting.

Starting off our show is some indie music from Kentucky and beyond.

1.  A Mild Inconvenience with Jack Smithers on vocals / Burn the Night / Lexington, KY
2.  1Guitar4Jo who is Jonathan Sautter / Rock in the Sea / ReuiGermany
3.  Marsha Lee / Fading / Lexington, KY
4.  Warren Byrom / New Best Friend / Lexington, KY

Interview and music with special guetss Aisley Stuebs and also the group Collide, that's Cody Morgan and Wesley Saylor

5.  Collide / Past of Present Things / Cody Morgan and Wesley Saylor / Lexington, KY
6.  Aisley Stuyebs / Crown of Roses / Lexington, KY
7.  Collide / Strangers Floors/ Wesley Saylor and Cody Morgan / Lexington, KY
8.  Aisley Stuyebs / Love Lies / Lexington, KY

All songs played by permission of the original artists.

This show aired on Lexington Community Radio

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