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Barefoot KY Radio on WLXU 93.9 LP FM Lexington Community Radio - 102118 with special guest, Obvious

October 22, 2018

Barefoot KY Radio
Aired on Lexington Community Radio, WLXU 93.9 LP FM

October 21, 2018
Podcast # 82
Broadcast # 63 for Lexington Community Radio

Hosted by Carolyn Burnette
Featuring special guest - Obvious

1.  Any Given Moment / Obvious
2.  Gotta Give / Obvious
3.  Mountain High / Obvious
4.  Dr. John / Obvious
5.  Sister / Obvious
6.  White Linen / Obvious
7.  Freedom Writer / Obvious

8. Synesthesia / Chuckie Campbell and The Black Den
9.  Devine Carama / Good News feat Joslyn Hampton

 Come join us at LexJam!
LexJam is the longest running talent showcase in Central Kentucky always held at a family friendly venue with good food, held on the 2nd Saturday of the month.  See for more info.


Ending ditty: Obvious

All songs played by permission of the original artists.
Any pre-recorded voice talent recorded at their own free will and okay'd for BarefootKYRadio shows.

The edited version of this show aired on Lexington Community Radio

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