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Barefoot KY Radio on RadioLEX - WLXU 93.9 LP FM - Aired January 14, 2020-Various Indie Artists-Extended Version

January 14, 2020

Barefoot KY Radio on RadioLEX - WLXU 93.9 LP FM - Most of this show aired January 14, 2020.  This is the extended version.  Added songs are indicated with an asterisk *

Barefoot KY Radio

This show was pre-recorded. 

Carolyn Burnette

1.  Matt Green / Looks Like Rain / Lexington, KY

2.  John Forgy jammin' at LexJam, accompanied by Jan Stepka, Haywood Ferguson, Dan Ward

3.  David McClean jammin at LexJam with Haywood Ferguson, Dan Ward, Jan Stepka - audio clips mainly of Rennie Neubecker - all taken from November 9, 2019 LexJam.  Audio mix by Carolyn Burnette

4.  A Mild Inconvenience / Burn the Night / Lexington, KY

5.  *special on podcast* / Atrocity Machine / Winding Road / Central Kentucky

6.  Rock Flexible who is Stefman Kruger (Germany) with lyrics by Jaime Ross (Ohio, USA) / Circus

7.  Eric Puister aka Pleudonieum / Close to Home / Netherlands

8.  Yona Marie / I Gave You / Washington DC area

9.  *special on podcast* / Chuckie Campbell & the Black Den / Dream is but a Dream (recorded previously on BarefootKYRadio)

10.  Bandit Sun / Sharpest of Seas / Lexington, KY / (Recorded previously on BarefootKYRadio)

11.  The Blue Crawdads / Brown Down in Bluefield / South Eastern Hills of Kentucky

12.  Danny Dean / Move It / Nashville, TN

13.  *special on podcast* / Dixie Jack / I Feel A Rush Coming On / Notingham, England

14.  Derek Spencer / Police Chase / Lexington, KY

15.  Ethan & Joey / The Road / Lexington, KY

16.  Abraham Mwinda / Same Shoes / Lexington, KY and California

Background music is Paseo Tonal by Regulo Tortolero in Venezuela.   Ending tune for Barefoot KY Radio by Denae Winters and friends.

All songs played by permission of the original artists.
This show aired on Lexington's community radio, RadioLEX except for the songs noted with an *

Barefoot KY Radio and Barefoot KY TV are a Part of Sound of Lexington, LLC

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