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Barefoot KY Radio 23\04\17 - BLUbeard’s first

April 23, 2017

Barefoot KY Radio
13th Podcast April 23, 2017
If you have original music and its of good recording quality and would like to hear it on our podcast then for more information go to


1.  RC & the Night Shades  "Nobody was smiling"    Lexington, KY

2.  The Lonetones "A song is just a song" from thier album "Dumbing it Down,"  TN

3.  Fat Box "Speaking my language"    Bowling Green, KY

4.  Jordan Allen & the Bellwethers   "Rolling in the Dough"   London, KY

5.  Tom Boone & The Back Porch Pickers, "We didn't have it so bad"    Louisville, KY

6.  The Jenkins Twins  "Jellico"   from their "Jellico" CD     Irvine, KY  

7.  Boy Named Banjo "Good Feel"  Nashville, TN

8.  Hayseed Dixie "World gets small" from their "Free your mind and your grass will follow" CD -
     Deer Lick Holler, TN

9.  Clancey Fields  "Baby I must leave"   Lexington, KY

10.  Shefton Kash  "Hank's Whiskey"   Campton, KY

11.  Taylor Hughes    "Sweet Tea"    Lexington, KY

12.  Taylor Austin Dye   "Pull over"   Booneville, KY

13.  Jesse Taylor   "Norhern Acoustic"   Lexington, KY

14.  Warren Byrom & the Fabled Canelands   "Sidewalk Kings of New Orleans"    Lexington, KY

15.  Michael Johnathon "Sunrise"    "Song Farmers"  CD       Lexington, KY

16.  The Livesays Graham Livesay and Daniel songwriters "Highway Miles"  TN

17.  Avery Crabtree   "Country Girl"   Lexington, KY


All songs used by permission of the original artists.