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Barefoot KY Radio 04-02-17 with Hayseed Dixie!

April 3, 2017

Barefoot KY Radio
10th Podcast April 02, 2017
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Carolyn Burnette

1. Hayseed Dixie "Move It In The Night" from their "Free your mind and your grass will follow" CD - TN

2. Jesse Taylor "Be Okay"  Lexington, KY

3.  Reluctant Dragon "Your Smiling Heart" Wales, England, Italy and Luxemborg

4.  Michael Johnathan "Darlin Corey" off of his "Dream" CD

5.  Ian Melvvin with Monica Dockery "Down (in Mexico) Fleetwood, United Kingdom

6.  Frontier "Can't Slow Down"  London, KY

7.  Atrocity Machine "Winding Road" Frenchburg, KY

8.  The Footsteps "Floating On You" Lexington, KY

9.  Jonny Cooke "She" Ireland and engineering by David Stuart USA

10. Boy Named Banjo "Stumblin Through the West"  Tennessee

11.  Rust N Bones "Train" from the Dead Bird Series

12.   Taylor Austin Dye "One Thing" from "Believe in the Sun" CD, Lexington, KY

13.   Jennifer Hall "Young Things" from her CD entitled  "In This" 

14. The Lonetones "When I Roam" from thier album "Dumbing it Down"

15. Warren Byrom & The Fabled Canelands  "Nickle and Dime"  Lexington, KY

16.  Avery Crabtree "Black Horses" His 2015 original. From Lexington, KY!

Ending music by Avery Crabtree "Black Horses


All songs used by permission of the original artists.