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Barefoot KY Radio 03-05-17 5th podcast

March 5, 2017

Barefoot KY Radio
5th Podcast March 05, 2017

Carolyn Burnette

1. Bryant C. Project out of Richmond, KY
2.  FatBox "Speaking My Language" from the CD Meteor 'Aight
3.  Jennifer Hall from her album "In This" her song "Wash Away"
4.  Captain Ivory  "Six Minutes To Midnight"  coming to us out of Nashville
5.  Warren Byrom & The Fabled Canelands - "Nickle and Dime"
6.  The Lonetones "I Will Do Anything" from album "Dumbing it down"
7.  Graham, Livesay & Daniel out of Tennessee the song is "Highway Miles"
8.  Tom Boone & the Back Porch Pickers, "Think Now" from the Second Childhoold
9.  Michael Johnathon "Garden of Eden" The Dream CD
10.  The Jenkins Twins from their 2016 album - "Sugar"
11.  So Serious Black "Bartender" feat Miss
12.  Focust1 "Understand Me" feat Total Stranga
13.  Cosmic Blisss Returns, Tristan Busker with Teddy Tolar on percussion
       "Why does the world have its ways"
14.  Boy Named Banjo "Blue Hole Bridge" good music from Tennessee

All songs used by permission of the original artists.